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Stomper 98

Published on 17 September 2020 at 09:58

Stomper 98

August 7th, 2018 at De Altstadt

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


After a really nice, hot beach day with brother Stip and his kids, and a ‘fast and furious roadtrip’ with the local notorious (Tilburg) skinhead father Bert Daniels, it was time to do a face to face interview with the most positive and unique Oi Street Punk bands from Germany; Stomper 98. They are a really great band from Dresden, Germany. Two of the band members are from the USA. The band plays unique songs who have their own identity, straight from the heart. All the songs are filled with a good heart and soul, and overall a very positive attitude with powerful songs in German native tongue. Loved their gig and would love to see them back onstage again in the next couple of years!

(Thanks to both Blue Collar Promoters Mick Mookhoek and his partner and all presented skins who give OI! and street punk a really positive vibe)! Respect the true skins and, fuck off to ALL nazi scum!

-Patchman Marco-

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