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Published on 24 September 2020 at 09:44

Armored Saint and Act Of Defiance

August 10th 2018 at the Dynamo Club

 Eindhoven, the Netherlands


This was a really special Day we all had been waiting for! To finally see the mighty Armored Saint in this very special Club in Eindhoven, which is special to the Band as well, because it is the very first City in Europe that they visited back in 1989 at the famous Dynamo Open Air! And after all these Years they were back again to play the great Album ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ in its entirety plus many other Band Classics! Plus, we had the Chance to have an Interview with their Singer John Bush after the Show! So after a short Trip from Tilburg and from Duesseldorf we finally got to the Club and met many of our Friends from Holland, Germany and from Belgium! After some Chats and a few Beers, Opening Act ‘Act of Defiance’ started off the Evening with a cool Mixture of Thrash Metal with some modern Influences. They were not bad, but honestly quite mediocre. This Mixture between Clean Vocals and Growls has simply been overplayed within the last few Years. Anyway, their Albums are quite ok and many People really enjoyed the Show. A short Break to meet more Friends and a few nice Ladies, and we were finally ready to see the awesome Show from Armored Saint! And what a Hell of a Show that was! The Hall was packed, the Sound was superb, and the Audience rocked their Asses off! They started off the Set with Classics such as ‘March Of The Saint’, ‘Long Before I Die’ and ‘Chemical Euphoria’, before they played the whole ‘Symbol Of Salvation’-Album! Just Killer! Now seeing this live, we really saw the Quality of this Masterpiece, which is just mind-blowing! Just pure Excellence! After that, they finished the Gig with a few more Classics, many of them off their ’83 Debut-EP, which has just been released about 35 Years ago! A perfect Concert and a perfect Evening! Even the Rain in the Evening didn’t matter anyway. We finished this great Event with a very personal and interesting Interview with John Bush! The Result can also be read in our Headbangers Zine No. 10 at the End of this Year. Stay tuned and make sure not to miss them, when they will be back on the Road in Europe in November again! You will regret it!


-Maurice Schreiber and Patchman Marco-

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