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Thrash Speed Burn Fest

Published on 31 August 2020 at 09:33

Thrash Speed Burn Fest Pt. 4

17th of January 2020 Kulttempel, Oberhausen



On Friday the 17th of January 2020, my good friend Theo Papadoupolos invited me at the release party of the new German Thrash Metal band BONDED, incl. my befriended musicians Chris (guitar, Suicidal Angels), Makka (drums) and Bernemann (guitar) ex Sodom.


About the evening, yes all bands did a really great job. Especially the youngsters of ‘Ruhrpott Underground’, nailed the place again! 15 year old Manoli Papadopoulos showed us all AGAIN, he’s Germany’s Metal frontman for the future! And little 14 year old Ronny, the son of the mighty Kost Bernemann (ex-Sodom, now Bonded), kicked us all-in the face with his skilled drumparts. Ruhrpott Underground is a great new band from Essen, Duisburg and Dortmund. With kids and friends of the family, around Kreator and Sodom, so you know the basis is good. The band is playing until now just covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden and I can tell you they do this very, very well. Great band, nevertheless I really hope they will start writing some own material very soon. Other great bands at the festival were: German Thrashers Corporal Shred’, who sounded very much like Testament to me, the Power / Heavy Metal band FireForce, formed in 2008 by Erwin Suetens ex-Double Diamond in Antwerp, Belgium. I really like the voice of their singer, such an powerfull throat! Also Swiss 80’s Techno Thrashers ‘Poltergeist’ were very enjoyable, just as retro Speed Metal Glamsters Stallion, damn they are such a spontaneous wild rocking band, fucking love them!


And last but not least ‘Bonded’ and all I can say about this new band, they are better than Sodom at this moment! The band played own material, from their new and first album “Rest In Violence” which was released onto the world this evening, and what an great release party this turned out to be. Of course they added several Sodom songs to their setlist such as: M-16, In War And Pieces, City Of God, Rolling Thunder, Sacred Warpath and The Vice Of Killing. Bonded plays full of joy and passion, you can clearly see they are a REAL union as a band. I still can’t get it, why Tom kicked the extremely tight and loyal drummer ‘Makka’ out of the band and did the same to my good old friend Bernemann, who’s a fantastic guitar player and wonderful person. It’s always a real pleasure to watch this guy playing the guitar. He is really, really enjoying being onstage, he’s not there for the money or fame at all, Bernemann is a real musician who’s doing everything by the heart. As a musician and as a person as well, that’s why he is like a uncle to me. Bernie I fucking love you dude, you’re really, really one of a kind and I am really proud and lucky to have you as a friend in my life! All-in all, a really great party with LOTS of cool people, great bands but the club didn’t count on the big amount of visitors. That was the reason the people at the bar and organizer Martin seemed quite stressy. Still I enjoyed the night!


Appie thanks for the reminders and dropping me back home in Tilburg, same goes for his great wife Clout!! When is our next roadtrip?


-Patchman Marco-

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