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Seven New RELEASES from July 2017


Limited to 300 copies

Headbangers zine # 8


Limited to 500 copies

Tape sepiroth

Limited to 100 copies


Dutch Steel legends return for a reunion show in their hometown after 25 years! Including the classics "Symbol Of The Flag", "You and I" & "Never Too Young To Rock".


212 Pages of Old School Hard & Heavy madness, Reviews, Live reports, Interviews with Sodom, Running Wild, Treat, Obituary, Cockney Rejects and much more. Out: Late summer 2017

Dutch Steel from the North East. Rare never-released before tracks from the 80’s and early 90’s on CD. If you are into bands like Vengeance and or Jewel. Heavy Metal with a lot of fun. Grab it! Lim to 300 pcs

Sepiroth is an upcoming Dutch young Death Metal band. The band has very good reviews and is praised by the elite of the metal scene.


Vinyl 12" mALIGNO


Vinyl 10" SR Rekrucifixion  Hellburst

Limited to 300 copies

Vinyl 7"   Moonrite

limited to 300 c copies


Unholy black/death thrash from Nürnberg, Germany. Full-length album containing 7 tracks of top notch, filthy and raw blasphemy. For fans of Pentacle, Pentagram(Chile), Revenge, Blasphemy etc.

Rekrucifixion / Hellburst

Repulsive 10” Vinyl Split release, lim to. 300 pcs of total rancid Speed Metal Madness.


Moonrite – Coffin Bolt (7 Inch Single) Teutonic Black Thrash Metal from the Ruhr Area. Rough Sound and High Energy. Inspired by bands like: Nocturnal Witch, Witching Hour. Triumphant and the early Sodom. Limited till 300 Copies