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Siberian Meat Grinder and Municipal Waste

Published on 24 August 2020 at 09:41

Siberian Meat Grinder and Municipal Waste

July 31th 2018 at the Baroeg Club

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


After a train-trip with my buddy Jesse and some beers on our way, I entered the Baroeg club. The first band ‘Siberian Meat Grinder’ came all the way from Russia and played a very energetic powerful Hardcore Thrash Metal show. Great show with a lot of energy, with a sound that’s very similar to a band like ‘Moscow Death Brigade’, which is good as well. It was especially hilarious (in a positive way), when the Siberian bear joined the stage. A really good opening act and I have to score their albums. Few more beers and the American Crossover ‘Retro’ Kings of ‘Municipal Waste’ kicked off. And as always their positive attitude and stage performance was suberb! What a really nice show, full of stage divers and moshers, what an evening! So much energy! Incredible!! I have to be honest to say that Municipal Waste are still the kings of the new wave of Thrash Metal. Enjoyed every single moment. Waste ‘em all! After the show, we had a meeting with Ryan Waste and did an interview with him, including some beers and the usual weed haha. After the chat, we unfortunately missed our last train back home and were stucked in the dangerous jungle of Rotterdam, which is no pleasure hehe. Was really happy a local metalhead saw our Facebook post and decided to bring us back to Tilburg, thanks for that dude!


-Jesse De Waard and Patchman Marco-

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