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M.O.D. Milkman Bakkes

Published on 10 August 2020 at 11:01

Bakkes, Milkman and MOD

December 15,2019 Little Devil, Tilburg

The Netherlands


Back in my hometown Metalbar to see old school music and drink beer with friends!


First band of the night was ‘Bakkes’ from T-Town! Brutal and straight into your face Hard Core in Dutch native tongue. Lovely band with lovely people. This band and the members deserve defintevely much more attention in the scene and a lot more gigs outside their hometown TILBURG, Bakkes omdat het zo lekker bekt.


2nd band were the local veterans from MILKMAN.The band who’s around for more then just a few decades now haha, but still kick ass, everytime I see them. Fast and furious old school Hard Core for fans of bands like Verbal Abuse, Poison Idea and others. Was really nice to see them for the 10.000’s time, keep continue guys!


In-between Dj Frank, or Mr. Knucklehead, Billy called him when he tried to fuck up the gig with the classic tune of the band ‘I Love Livin' In the City (Fear Cover), just before the band went on stage haha… Frank you dirty SMF…. This is typical your style, LOL!


After all:

SOD/MOD, the American band who were one of those few Crossover acts I already dig since the mid/late eighties and who were back again in The Netherlands. This was about the fourth time I saw these Crossover Thrashers. Well, too bad these are none of the original guys from SOD/MOD (except Bill). Nevertheless, I loved their gig, the band played in full shape, playing this all time SOD and MOD classics. Bringing me back to my youth, we need one more final tour!


Last but not least: about Billy, awesome dude and still an fucking awesome entertainer and frontman.Thank you for your kind spoken words about our hometown Metalbar LITTLE "FUCKING" DEVIL. It makes our locals and fans of the bar really proud!


-Patchman Marco-

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