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Carnivore A.D.

Published on 6 August 2020 at 14:16

Carnivore A.D.

December 5th 2019

Baroeg, Rotterdam

The Netherlands


Carnivore are back together and I was more than happy to check these guys out. With the original drummer and guitarist in place with someone to fill the position of vocals and bass.



But first off, we had Toxic Shock to open the stage. A Hardcore/Thrash group with a nice filthy sound to it. Very energetic and very aggressive, much to the likes of Municipal Waste for example. Good start to warm up for Carnivore. GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY! That famous line was to be heard by everyone in the venue, the show has started. It was great to finally see this band in a live setting. And the one question everyone is probably asking, is of course, how is the new front-man?


A very similar look-alike with attitude and a voice like Peter Steele himself was almost on stage, all done with much respect to the man himself. The feeling was great with a set-list from those two albums from the 80's. All our favourite controversial classics were to be heard, like 'Jesus Hitler', 'Male Supremacy', 'Inner Conflict' and we even had ourselves a little Race War. Although the absence of some angry neurotic catholics was felt, the representation of Carnivore was perfectly done with a dedicated audience full of absolute fans who would sing along with every line thrown at them. True dedication and aggression like it should be at a Carnivore concert. So if you're a Carnivore fan you should absolutely check them out if you have the chance! Finally it was time for some 'Sex & Violence' to put a close to this great show. I was happily surprised that they were better than I actually expected and I'd certainly check them out again if I can, although the best place to see them is probably in a club instead of a festival to have that more intimate feeling to it, for a true experience.


-Scott Buijs

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