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Published on 19 November 2020 at 09:24

Roadburn Festival and Vexation and Mother Of Sin CD Release Party.

11,12,13 and 14th of April 2019 at Tilburg and Frieschepalen (FR), both The Netherlands. 


I (Marco) had actually planned to make april a more relaxed month, because I’ve been extremely busy and out of money lately. But there are so many festivals and concerts, that I was not really able to attend but eventually did, even I asked a friend to take the moments I couldn’t make. In the first place because my good friend Walter Hoeijmakers (the mastermind behind the legendary Roadburn Festival) offered me a guest press wristband for 4 days,. But myself only made it on the Thursday, the Wednesday I unfortionately missed because my Scottish friends of Hellripper played the first evening. Hellripper is a Black Speed Metal Punk band from Scotland and I have seen them several times before. So I was pretty dissappointed I was not able to visit the gig. To be honest I only saw Midnight myself. They played at the big ‘koepelhal’, which is located near to the skate venue ‘Hall of fame’. As an old time fan of Midnight, I was kind of shocked by how big and well known they have become. It actually bothered me that they’ve been so hyped, while the same people didn’t care about them a few years ago. I also think that musically the set was good, but it missed the intense atmosphere (of a small club) which suits better to a band that is originally so underground oriented. Well what press, media and support by populair scene boys and girls can do.. I also will add a few lines about the concert I’ve been to on Saturday: I (Marco) went to Frieschepalen to see the Dutch 80’s Heavy Speed/Thrash Metal band Vexation from the Amsterdam area and the melodic Power Metal band Mother of Sin from the Friesland province. The band did the release party for the CD I released on my (Headbangers Records) label. To make a long story short, musically both bands are very strong and worked their asses off, but the sound and light was so extremely bad, we already left after a half hour during the headliner Mother Of Sin, which we usually never do (it was that bad!). Now let’s return back to Tilburg. I asked my friend Giljam who’s also the drummer of the Black-Speed Thrash Metal band Witchfukker, who are also signed on my label. To write some short lines about his experience of the Roadburn festival.


Giljam: I arrived in Tilburg on Saturday and the first band i saw was Temple Fang, a seventies Rock inspired band from The Netherlands. They played a great set and  everyone was really getting into it. After that I saw Doodswens play at the skatepark, this band is also on Marco’s label Headbangers records. They are a rapidly growing Black Metal duo from The Netherlands. Doodswens plays a more early 90’s, second wave style of Black Metal. Their music is very atmospheric and that you could really notice in the crowd. It was like everyone was in a trance listening to them play. After Doodswens I went to see Morne, an American Sludge/Post-Metal band. They also played an amazing set. Their music has a very original style that the people seemed to enjoy. It was pretty crowdy, but the best band for me still had to come, which was Sleep. They are an American Stoner/Doom Metal band and they headlined the Saturday. Their set was about 2 hours long, they played the entirety of their most popular album ‘’Sleep’s Holy Mountain’’ and after that an amazing version of their masterpiece ‘’Dopesmoker’’, which is an hour long song. It was kinda crazy, but super exciting. After that I went to Marco’s place to have a few beers and hang out with Marco and two other friends from Portugal and Amsterdam.


On Sunday I saw Stuck in Motion, a Swedish Psychadelic Blues band. They played an hour long set with many enting pieces that really got the crowd dancing. After that I went to see Grey Aura, a Dutch Black Metal band. Their music was really intense and the atmosphere at the show was amazing. After the show I went back to Marco’s place to eat and get ready for the second Sleep show. This evening they played their latest album “The sciences” in entirety. The show was absolutely amazing once again, but sadly I had to go after the 5th song because I had to catch my train home.

All by all Roadburn 2019 was a great festival with many great artists from all over the world, ranging from Blues to Black Metal. But what was maybe even better than the music were the people and the atmosphere surrounding the festival. People from all over the world gathered to see their favourite bands. You could really feel the festive spirit in the air. Walter and all at the staff of Pop Podium 013 well-done!


-This live report was originally printed in Headbangers Zine Issue # 10, Fall 2019-


Printed version is still available, write to: marco@headbangerszineandgigs.nl


-Patchman Marco and Giljam Olislagers-

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