Schizophrenia, Angelus Apatride and Evil Invaders

Published on 7 October 2020 at 09:24

Schizophrenia, Angelus Apatride and Evil Invaders.

March 7th 2020 at the Turock Club.

Essen, Germany


On request of both Belgian bands, Schizophrenia and Evil Invaders. Both bands I promoted/managed during their early days when both bands were still young kids and Schizophrenia was still named Hammerhead and the youngest member was just 12 years old. We are now a couple/nearly a decade later and both bands proved me and the whole Metal community they were worth my attention and support in their early days. Schizophrenia kicked off and they really made some progress. Very powerfull, aggressive in your face Thrash ‘fucking’ Metal. It’s the final picture who made this band so great. The music in the 1st place, but also the looks, stage performance and dedication. This is what, ‘Schizophrenia’ makes special. Speed , Thrash, Death Metal, Schizophrenia combined it to the purest form, Thrash Is Back! Great gig, with some fanatic headbanging in the 1st front-row. Loved it!


During the 2nd band I was drinking and talking with both Belgian bands and to Florian Grill from Thrash Attack Zine and Dying Victims Products about the struggels most labels and especially printed mags deal with these days. So I missed the biggest part of the Spanish Thrashers ‘Angelus Apatrida’, who sounded like: Metallica mixed with Kreator and Testament to me.


After a few more drinks, also with my mate Pete, and Dutch and Belgian friends Appie, Clout and Erwin it was time for Evil Invaders to kick off.


My buddies from the Mol (Limburg area) in Belgium did it the old school way, very very good, They put on a excellent show with bombs and so, as always, ! Proud I always believed in Joey and his band members. If there is a big 4 of Retro Thrash Speed Metal bands, Evil Invaders can’t be missed in this list. Great gig guys, proud to see you guys headlining a tour and sell many tickets in pretty big venues all around the world.


Was a really nice evening and long night at Pete’s place, together with homeboys Jolle and Zottel , good times. Appie and Clout thank you fort he ride, love u!!!


-Patchman Marco-

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