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Published on 7 July 2020 at 13:19

Vulcano (Bra), Profanatica (USA) and Demonancy (Ita)

November 8th 2019 at Little devil, Tilburg,

The Netherlands


Sick of the competition, gossip and backstabbing in the scene, I decided to leave all the troubles and bullshit behind and go to the concerts I love to see. regardless of the promotor, let’s focus on the music and nice people who are there. After a few drinks and chats the 1st band Demonancy from Rome, Italy suprised me with their original style of old school Black/Death Metal in the spirit of early Darkthrone, Venom and Hellhammer. This threepiece, all around their 20’s had a great attitude and looked like real rockstars on stage. They were very enjoyable both musically and visually. I’m sure this is a band to keep your eye on. Too bad I didn’t have the money to buy any merch! After the first band we did a live interview with the Brazilian veterans of Vulcano, a legendary Black/Thrash band that started back in the early 80’s. The chat was very nice and we had a long and intense gossip about our common friend ‘Igor Lopes’. After the chat the drummer of Vulcano asked me for an extra snare, so I asked my friend ‘Niels’ from ‘Lunar Eclipse Bookings’ to get his snare from home. Unfortunately we missed ‘Profanatica’ from Chicago, U.S.A. But luckily I asked my friend ‘Scott’ to write a few lines about this killer band. Scott: I was at first sight intrigued by the visuals of the band. Kicking off a great wall of blackened sound was unleashed upon us. It was extremely raw and primitive and all hell broke loose. The crowd loved it and banged their heads for Satan. A great surprise to have seen them here in Tilburg. The guys are also very nice to hang out and drink a ‘Trappist’ with. Marco: Niels and I returned back to the venue with our bald headbanging friend, ‘Kees Grift’. We gave the snare to the guys and saw the end of Profanatica in front of our eyes. Anyway, more beers followed till’ Vulcano kicked off. First thing to admire is their status as one of the first evil Thrash bands from South America. And fuck! 62 year old and still raising hell, dedicated to the raw extreme underground. Drinking beer, surviving many kind of trends and sleeping on the couch of random fans. These veterans are truly dedicated to the scene and have my fullest respect. The way it should be! These guys still got it and burned the stage to the ground. Thanks to ‘William the Butcher’ for bringing them over to Tilburg! Love you more than you realise, you’re a true maniak, Cheers!


-Patchman Marco-

(reminders by Scott Buijs)