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Old School Hard Core / Crossover from The North Of The Netherlands.

Old School Death Metal from The Netherlands.

Old School Black Metal from The Netherlands.

Old School female fronted Thrash Metal from Altenessen, Germany, with Russian origin.

Old school Blackened Speed Metal from France.

Old School Hard Rock Heavy Metal from Groningen, The Netherlands, incl. members of the Dutch cult band Vortex.

German Epic Heavy Metal, Released by Dying Victims Productions.

Comes with FREE button and sticker!

Old School Heavy Metal from Germany, self-released.

Old School Thrash Metal from Yugoslavia.

Released by Take This Torch Records.

Blackened Thrash Metal from Chile, Released by Inverted Inhumation.

German Epic Heavy Metal. 2015 EP. Released by Inverted Inhumation.

Old School Blackened Thrash Metal from Germany.

Limited to 200 Copies.