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Black Thrash

Black/Death Metal from Ukraine

Speed metal/Thrash from Portugal

Hard Rock/Blues Rock from Germany

Death/Black from Denmark

Thrash from Greece

Thrash from Hungary

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Death Metal, Thrash from Germany

Death/Doom from the Netherlands

Thrash from Germany

Thrash from Chile

Black Thrash Speed Metal from France

Groovy Old School Grind Death Metal from Germany, since 1989.

Released by Unholy Fire Records.

Thrash from Basque country

Old School Black Metal from The Netherlands.

Death/Black Doom Metal from Denmark

NWODHM with my label partner Matt on Bass.

Thrash split from France

Black Metal from Portugal

Old School Heavy Metal from Germany, self-released.

Black Metal from Greece

Black/Heavy Metal from Germany

Black Metal from Germany

Doom Metal from Germany

Black Metal from Germany

-Limited to 100 cassettes

-Black tape with golden onbody print

Thrash from Australia

Heavy Metal from Sweden

2nd release of this Death Thrash Metal band from Santiago, Chile.

Old School Blackened Thrash Metal from Germany.

Limited to 200 Copies.

German Epic Heavy Metal, Released by Dying Victims Productions.

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Blackened Thrash Metal from Chile, Released by Inverted Inhumation.

German Epic Heavy Metal. 2015 EP. Released by Inverted Inhumation.

Old School female fronted Thrash Metal from Altenessen, Germany, with Russian origin.

Old School Hard Rock Heavy Metal from Groningen, The Netherlands, incl. members of the Dutch cult band Vortex.

Thrash from Finland

Bestial Blackened Death Metal from Germany, with exotic roots.

Released by Headbangers Records.

Old School Death Metal with exotic origin.

Thrash, Recorded at reverb, toronto

Black/Thrash from Inssbruck

Classic Symphonic Rock

Belgian Grind Crust

Black Metal from Portugal (Promo)

Classic Guitar Virtuoso’s

Thrash from Brazil with Patch

Heavy Metal from Portugal

Death Metal from Germany

Punk Metal, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Released by Argh Fuckkill! Records.

Old School Thrash Metal from Yugoslavia.

Released by Take This Torch Records.

Old School Death Metal from The Netherlands.

Black/Thrash from Germany

Black/Death Metal

Metal Punk from Italy

Released by Go Fuck Yourself Productions

Thrash Metal from Sweden

Black/Death Metal

MP crushing, demonic DM vs doom/ death from the grave! Protape version incl. 4 bonus trax!!)

Death Metal from England

Released by Visceral Circuity Records

Bestial Death Metal from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Thrash From Germany

Bestial Death/Thrash Metal from Colombian hell 666!!!!

Doom Metal from Sweden


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Melodic Black Metal from Greece

Thrash from Israel

Stoner Rock from Germany

An tribute to Helloween by several HM Hordes on cassette!

Released by Burning Sun Records

Thrash from Sweden

Thrash from Canada

Heavy/Speed Metal from Wellington New Zealand

Experimental Industrial Metal from Finland.

Grincore/Death Metal from Portugal

Guitar orientated Hard Rock  

Heavy Metal from Germany

Black/Death Metal from Germany

Old school Blackened Speed Metal from France.

Black/Death Metal from Peru

Raw Black Metal from Belgium

Death Metal from Malaysia

Crossover/Thrash/Punk band formed in Katerini-Greece

Heavy Metal from the Netherlands

Heavy Metal from Germany

NBHC - Featuring members of Raylin, Søwt & Pressure Pac

Keeping The Kvlt Of Carnivore’s Children Alive, only 50 copies worldwide! Incl. Guest solo by Max (Evil Invaders)!

Black Metal from Belarus

Raw Black Thrash Metal Punk

Black/Thrash from France

Death Metal from France

Released by Visceral Circuity Records

Thrash/Death Metal from Chile

Old School Hard Core / Crossover from The North Of The Netherlands.

Black Death Doom from Malaysia

Released by Iron Bonehead Productions

Vulture have taken the scene by storm and after unleashing a debut album that sported of the most exciting speed/thrash metal bastards last year, the band is back with their 2nd record. The band has definitely been able to release a record which soundslike everything their fans are wishing for, yet add some new sprinkles here and there. The crowd will have to decide which of the albums is better, hard to say since they both contain some of the strongest recent speed metal material.


Including free sticker and button!

Black Metal from the US.

Released by Dystopian Dogs.

Black Metal from Germany