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The never released before demos and tracks! Dutch 80’s Hard Rock For fans of Sleeze Beez and Vengeance, limited to 1000 Copies.

Back Out from Deurne, Noord-Brabant is one of the oldest Dutch Heavy Metal bands, active since the year 1971 and currently still running. The band is playing traditional Heavy Metal for fans of bands like Judas Priest! Limited to 500 Copies.





Sacrifizer - La Mort Triomphante MCD

Very fast Speed Metal from France, all with some high screaming possessed vokills.

Ltd to 500 MCD's Copies.

Melodic Rock from Groningen The Netherlands.

CD Promo edition

InfoRaging melodic death/thrash metal from the north of the Netherlands.

MCD by Doodswens

Unholy Black Deathrash from Nürnberg, Germany, all with exotic roots.

Including Rare Bonus tracks: on CD with 8 Page Booklet.

Mordancy – The Anthology 1989 – 1993 (CD)

Progressive Death Thrash Metal from Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands.  CD Limited to 500 Copies.

MadneS – Die With Your Beer On.. (MCD)

Old School female fronted Thrash Metal from Russia, Alten-Essen, Germany. Think about bands such as: Holy Moses, Nocturnal, Sentinel Beast, Détente and others.

MCD strictly limited to 500 Copies. TAPE is sold out.


New 4 Track CD Single of this Classic Dutch Steel Heavy Metal band.

For Fans of the good old NWOBHM style with their Rob Halford esque vocalist – limited to 500 Copies

The ’87 full album plus the never released before demos and tracks! German Heavy Speed Metal from Munster, recommend to every fan of Old School Metal from Germany. limited to 500 Copies.

Great compilation with the four most notorious Hardcore, Crossover, Punk and Oi StreetPunk bands from Tilburg, The Netherlands. CD comes incl. sticker and button.

For Fans of the good old 80's Crossover Thrash Metal, think about bands like: Cro Mags, DRI, The Exploited and Slayer.

Heavy and dark Doom Metal from the Friesland area, The Netherlands.  CD Limited to 500 Copies.

Modern Thrash Metal with alternative progressive twist from the Friesland area, The Netherlands. For fans Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Radiohead, Rush, Testament, Exodus, Megadeth etc. CD Limited to 500 Copies.

5-track DIGIPACK EP (2019), limited to 500 Copies.

Produced by Pieter Kloos (Death Alley, Peter Pan Speedrock, DOOL)

Old School gritty Hard Rock from The Netherlands

Under Siege from Eibergen,the east of Holland,started as a Thrash Metal band in 1988, turned later more into a Doom band, with influences of bands like: Confessor, Soundgarden,Tool, Primus and Anacrusis. Limited to 500 Copies.

Metal Punk Crust D-beat from Italy!  Ltd edition to 500 Copies.

Old School French Speed Metal in native tongue! Ltd edition to 500 Copies.