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I am Marco alias Patchman or Spandex haha. I am the main editor and founder of Headbangers Zine, Gigs and Records. I am into Hard & Heavy Music since the mid-80s and worked for several Zines, webzines and bands in the past. I also tried to play music myself but I failed haha! In daily life I work in a school for children and teenagers with autism/adhd and psychic, emotional and social problems, which is great too! Hope you enjoy the Headbangers / Iron Force Foundation activities. Here I like to present you my team.

Matt Verschoor (NL)

Audio editor and compiler.
Matt is an old Heavy Metal maniac who started back in the 70's, playing in bands (Tempter, Ear Danger and others), managing bands (Vulture (NL)). These days he runs a small studio in his house. He also is the main man behind Hurricane Holland, a company that produces CD's, Vinyl's and Tapes, based in France. Matt is there to help me with all the technical stuff, especially around Headbangers Label. I'm glad to have a veteran with such great knowledge in my team!


Maurice Schreiber (GER)

Maurice is one of my very best German friends and writes and helps me as an (end)-editor. It’s really great to have this die hard AOR-Melodic Hard Rock and Metal Maniac in my Headbangers team.

Joyce VC  (NL)

Joyce is my very best female friend for years, she is a die-hard Punk Rock Girl and writes and helps me as freelance (end)-editor. It’s really great to have this die hard  young Punk Rock lady in my Headbangers team.

Maud Enderink (NL)

Editor HBZine Maud is a gorgeous young Metal lady from The Netherlands. Maud asked me, if she could write some articles for Headbangers Zine and she showed that she can do the job properly. It’s cool to have fresh blood in my team, especially when they have knowledge about the Metal genre. Welcome Maud!  

Xavier Willems (NL)

Editor HBzine Xavier is the very youngest guy in my team. Xavier is a teenager with ADHD and autism and he is totally Metal dedicated, so that’s why I decided to add him to my team as a editor!  I’m sure, when he progresses his writing skills, he is bound to be Rolling Stone-magazine main editor in ten years !

Marie-France (FR)

End-editor HBzine Marie-France is Xavier’s mother. She is completely Metal crazy. And loves writing about Metal music and together with her partner and her 13-year old son Xavier she travels all around for concerts and festivals. I am really happy to have Marie-France in my team.

Hans Robben (NL)

Hans is a real veteran in our local Tilburg Metal scene who played in some bands and worked for the Norwegian Dark Metal band ‘Aeternus’, as their webmaster. I am happy Hans is willing to do some articles for my own ‘Headbangers Zine’, starting with a killer interview with one of his favorite Thrash Metal bands & good friends Death Angel. Thank you Hans for that! I hope to see ya back with some articles in Issue # 8

Zoltán (HU)

Zoltán from Hungary is an editor who joined to the crew with the HBzine issue 7. He has his own printed fanzine written in Hungarian, under the name of Burning Sun (named after the Helloween song). No wonder, he is a devoted Helloween fan! He likes to do deep interviews with known and unkown artists alike and is also a huge supporter of the Hungarian Heavy Metal scene. His favorite genres are Heavy/Speed/Power/old school Thrash. Zoltán is also a freelance journalist at the Hungarian Fémforgács webzine.

COO Marcel (NL)

Marcel Oerlemans is the webmaster of headbangerszineandgigs.com. Marcel did a really great job for me all those years and I am still thankfully to him as a friend. Marcel was also one of the main members behind the technical Tilburg Death Metal band Ceremony Of Opposites. At the moment Marcel is still active as guitarist in the Gouda Death Metal band WarMaster! 

Leonie van de Westelaken (NL)

Leonie is a member of the crew since 2013. She is the professional DeskTop Pubisher of the Zine. She worked on issue 4 as a student of graphic school SintLucas in Eindhoven. Her teacher was Mrs. Joyce van Baar. Leonie stayed at HBzine and did the DTP of issues 5 and 6.

Frank Stevens (NL)

Frank is one of my big local Scene brothers! I love Frank as a big brother! Frank started his career for Headbangers Zine with the article about our dear passed away friend D’n Ad aka Fozzy. But promised me to continue as an editor. Especially with reviews and interviews with the bigger American Hard Core and Crossover acts! Frank, welcome in my team! Note: Frank wrote in the eighties for local Cult Fanzine: Ravenous Magazine. The magazine that was ran by Adje Van Osch alias Rocking Adje who was later editor for Aardschok Metal Hammer and Mario’s Metal Mania webzine.

Metal Wim van Grunsven (NL)

Wim is also a new editor in our team. Wim’s passion for Hard and Heavy started way back in the good old seventies with bands like AC/DC & Van Halen. From that moment it was confirmed that he was a Hardrocker! Wim is still a lover of old fashioned Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Industrial and even new stuff, like Mastodon. Wim is/was a longtime writer for magazines and webzines as Fanfare, Mindview, Headache, Up, Rock Tribune and Mario's Metal Mania, so he was even active for some bigger zines! I am really happy to have an old veteran like Wim in my team. Wim really saw all Hard Rock and Metal styles come and go. So it’s great to have an older guy like Wim in our team!

  1. Daniël Muller (GER)

Editor HBzines 4, 5 and 6. Is a good friend of mine who was always one of the most active editors in the team! Thanks Daniel! He is active as a drummer in Somewhere In Nowhere and Is Love Alive? Daniel also was involved in many other German underground bands like: Zadogoat, Black Horizonz and Wytchscythe. Daniël writes also for German Metal Command Zine and Crossfire Metal webzine.

Breiti (GER)

The artwork from all HBzines is developed and drawn by Christoph Breit. Breiti is an old friend of mine who is famous in Germany for the cult artworks he made for many populair German Underground acts. I am really happy to have Breiti in my team!


DJ Virgin Killer (NL)

Editor of issues 1 till 6 of HBzine. Koen alias Dj Virgin Killer is a close friend and diehard editor for Headbangers Zine and famous for his horny & nasty talks haha. Koen Alias Dj Virgin Killer was in the eighties and nineties active as a bassplayer in the Crossover band Disturbing Foresight. Currently he still writes for Dutch Lords Of Metal Webzine and is the main man behind the underground record label Virgin Killer Entertaiment and Den Haag Metal Concert organisation: The Hague Heavy Metal Alliance. This man breaths for Metal!


Scott Buijs (NL)

End-editor Headbangerszine 6. Scott was a student in the school were Marco work for years. Marco and Scott became friends later on, because they shared the same passion METAL! Scott became end-editor, also because of his English roots. I am happy to have Scott in my team!

Marius Gindra (GER)

Editor HBzine 2, 4, 5 and 6. Marius is the main man behind German Metal Command Zine and is a very good friend of mine. He is the main man for Headbangers / Iron Force Foundation activities in Germany ! Note: Marius works also for the German Underground label Pure Steel Records!

Jonathan (BEL)

Editor 4, 5 and 6. My Metal Son / little brother Jonathan, also guitarist in bands like Striking Death (RIP), Incinerate, Carnation and more! Jonathan told me he will quit writing for my zine, so I will miss him! Note: Headbangers Records released the Striking Death live album back in 2012 on CD.

Wannes (NL)

End-editor HBzine 5 and 6. My Local buddy I can always count on with my activities! Wannes you rule!

Emilio (NL)

Editor HBzines 4 and 5. Underground Heavy Metal Editor in two issues!

Hans Hostile (NL)

Editor issues 1, 2, 4 and 5. One of my closest friends in the scene and also one of the main guys behind Crossover Thrash Metal band T.C.F. (RIP). Currently Hans is active in Skeletons Of Society, a Hard Core / Thrash Metal band from the Amsterdam area thats active since the year 1989.

Ferdy-Deadpool (NL)

Ferdy is an old Hardcore dude from Holland, who is a close friend of Frank Stevens. He was interested to do some articles for Headbangerszine in the future.


Laura Kerkhofs (B)

Laura is one of the coolest Death Metal chicks in Belgium and it’s great she writes and helps me as freelance editor, from time to time. It’s really great to have this die hard  young Death Metal chick in my Headbangers team.

Skater Jesse (NL)

Skater Jesse is one of the most important skateboard dudes in The Netherlands, but besides all his skateboard talents, he is also a really huge Metal and Hardcore freak and that’s why I asked him to add him to my team as a freelance editor.

Maartje Van Dokkum (NL)

Maartje is a huge Metalfan and the girlfriend of editor Wannes and she will write some articles from time to time, welcome my friend.

Rob Slaughter (NL)

End-editor HBzine 1. Editor issue 2, 4 and 5. Good scene mate for years and also one of the main guys behind Crossover Thrash Metal band T.C.F. (RIP). Rob also runs his own studio in Katwijk were underground bands can record their releases.

Calvin (NL)

Editor for HBzine 4 and 5. Calvin alias Kalv is a young Crust/Grind/Death Metal kid from Amsterdam who also played in the Amsterdam Metal Punk band Nuclear Devastation and was active for a while with his own Death Metal band Graverobber. Headbangers Records released their one and only demo tape in 2014.

Andre The Cowboy (GER)

 Editor for HBzine 4 and 5. Andre is one of the sleaziest dirty underground guys in Germany and was active for two issues.

Lennert (BEL)

 Editor for HBzine 5. Lennert is one of my youngest friends in the scene. He is like a son to me! Lennert is a dedicated musical kid and is also together with my boy Vincent (younger brother of Jonathan), the mastermind behind the youngest Thrash Metal band in The Benelux Hammerhead. Headbangers Records released their Debut EP on CD in 2013.

Jeroen Rottendlijk (NL)

Editor for HBzine 1 and 2. End-editor of issue 3. Jeroen alias Rottendlijk is a great scene mate and is still one of the editors I miss hard in my team.

Jesse Gorvette (NL)

Responsible for the Graphic Designe of Headbangerszine. Magazine lay-out HBzine 1, Public Relations HBzine 1 and editor of issues 2 and 3 of HBzine. Jesse is one of the Glamiest guys in The Netherlands and was responsible for several great Glam articles in Headbangers Zine.

The Butcher (NL)

Editor of the first two HB zines. William alias The Butcher is a well-known face in the Tilburg scene. He was and is still active as a vocalist in several Death and Doom bands like Spina Bifida and Faal, he also works at our local Metal bar Little Devil. The Butcher wrote some nice articles in the first two issues!

Tommentor (NL)

End-editor for issue 2. Tom Willemsen alias Tommentor was end-editor for issue 2. Tom is still a great guy but his son and Feyenoord Football Club got priority for him hehe.

Amber Moshforce (BEL)

 Editor HBzine 2. Was happy to have Amber in my team but lost contact with Amber over the years. It seems she in the Crust scene now. I hope she is doing fine!

Zühal Koç (NL)

DeskTop Publisher of HBzine issue 3. Zühal was working on the layout in schoolstudio Sint Lucas in Eindhoven. Her teacher was Mrs. Joyce van Baar.

Mitch Bassant (NL)

DeskTop Publisher of HBzine issue 2. Mitch was working on the layout in schoolstudio Sint Lucas in Eindhoven. His teacher on this graphic school was Mrs. Joyce van Baar.

Noise Gate Nick (NL)

End-editor HBzine 1, editor issue 2.
Nick was a Rotterdam guitar wizzkid I met years ago! I started supporting Nick’s carreer playing bands like Speedchaser (Hard Rock), T.C.F. (Crossover Thrash Metal) and now Gold (Rock). Nick was and still is one of Holland’s musicial talents. Nick was also always a really good friend, like a little brother for me. I was happy Nick was part of my team for the first two issues!