Quiescent mantis

Published on 8 June 2022 at 09:30

Quiesecent Mantis

Shake The Cage (Single 2022)

Asher Media 2022


This is a brand-new Death/Thrash Metal band based out of Knoxville Tennessee, United States and they are pretty rad! Its old school 90’s styled Metal music, think about Machine Head, Pantera and others. These three guys bring you some unique mixture of Death Metal blended with some Thrash Metal and Hardcore/Crossover! Great energetic band with some good bunch of quality. The music is melodic, groovy with some nice breakdown and a small Metalcore touch, wall of sound. Really dig it!


"Shake The Cage was the first song we wrote for their upcoming album.

I look out for the full-length album and to hear more of them!



-Patchman Marco-

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