Published on 25 April 2022 at 14:28


First Attack (Demo 1985)

(2022, Headbangers Records / Big Bad Wolf Records)


Invader were a German Heavy Metal band near Bielefeld. “First Attack” was the title of their one-and-only release to date. There has never been a “Second Attack”, like a demo or an album. Also their musicians are totally unknown. None of them had a band before or after Invader. It´s hard to tell why from today´s point of view because this demo is pretty good! This is pure Heavy Metal in the old vein which still does work well today. You can hear that this is actually from the 1980´s. Here you can hear great, classic Heavy Metal with shredding riffs, wild solos, pounding drums and melodic vocals who also can handle the higher tunes. Only “Don´t Break The Silence“ in the middle of the demo starts silent with clean guitars, otherwise you get full speed ahead here. You can hear how much fun Invader had while playing those songs. Everything sounds timeless and honest. Of course the sound quality is pretty rough, but as I said: This was a demo tape from the middle 1980´s. But the sound is totally okay though. People who like old German Heavy Metal, like Accept, Gravestone, Faithful Breath, Noisehunter or Chronos will truly love this one! 


-Daniel Müller-

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