Mean to you

Published on 1 March 2022 at 09:37

Mean To You




Self-released/Hardlife Promotion: 2022


Mean To You has been around since 2003. In the beginning it was real band, but throughout the years the guys have parted ways, and now it is a one-man project by Mulles, the bassist. He is from Luxembourg, and has had help by musicians from the UK, France and even Ukraine to finish this EP.


Musically we are dealing with groove metal mixed with alternative rock. Associations I hear are a bit of Pantera, some Machine Head and even slight pieces Biohazard, but always in a subdued way. And although that this all might sound like an explosive mix of quality, Mean To You isn’t as the name suggests. It’s just a little bit annoying, not actually mean. Why,? Well because it is all just that bit too clean to make the same impression as the bands mentioned.


I guess that is due to the alternative side having the upper hand in the sound in total, even though the sound is quite heavy. Thankfully the songs are quite good, making this a pleasant enough listen. Just not a very exciting one. Unfortunately.


This EP is available through the Mean To You Bandcamp site as a digital download or as a physical CD.


MetalWim van Grunsven

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