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Planetary Terrorism


Black Roos Entertainment: 2022


The Australian metal scene is finally getting to get better known here in Europe, which brings some very nice surprises along as well. Thraxas! are a thrash metal band that come from Sydney in New South Wales and have been around for a few years. After their Slave Wages demo in 2018 and their Cthulhu Rising single in 2019, they are gifting us with their 30-minute EP called Planetary Terrorism.


It is filled with six great thrash songs in which you can hear a lot of influences. The most obvious ones are Sacred Reich and Annihilator. The latter because of the way the band sounds when the guitars are played in a staccato way. The former because of the vibe of the music in combination with the lyrics. And no, Thraxas! definitely doesn’t copy anyone, they do give it their own twist.


This is great stuff, so if you love thrash to be pure, simple and straight forward with lyrics that have some meaning, you should try out Thraxas! Just look on the Bandcamp site, where you will be able to get Planetary Terrorism get all their music in physical form, and in some cases as digital too.


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