the act of violence

Published on 4 January 2022 at 10:18

In The Act Of Violence

We Are All Scum

CDN Records: 2022


It's quite a feat when a band launches an EP with a complete new lineup. Well, the Canadian brutal slamming deathcore band In The Act Of Violence has done just that. As I'm not familiar with any of their eight former releases I can be totally unbiased.


We Are All Scum starts off as if you're going to listen to UFO in the seventies, as the keyboards used have that exact sound. But hey, that pretence is shifted after a few minutes when the band really lets it rip with the heaviest song on offer called Reincarnate. That's when the tempo goes up and the aggression becomes evident.


That is followed up un the other five songs, but I must admit that with the band calling themselves brutal and slamming, I was looking for blastbeats and extreme screaming. Unfortunately, it isn't to be, at least not enough. You will get some blastbeats on Unmasked Scalps, but that's it . And as for the vocals, well, the screaming is there, but it never becomes manic.


In The Act Of Violence is still as heavy as can be, and defintely are deathcore, but they have reigned themselves in, made sure that the music is to be enjoyed, not just endured. If you are interested, this EP is available as a physical CD through the record company site.


MetalWim van Grunsven

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