Born From Chaos

Published on 10 December 2021 at 15:51

Born From Chaos

Legacy: 2021


Born From Chaos is a fresh young band from the Netherlands.The band comes from the provinces of North Brabant and North Holland and is playing Metalcore, the more melodic way. Twin vocal-parts, grunts by a male, called Evert Ruiten and the more clean melodic vocal parts are done by a female, called Kelly Kimman. The band includes three males and three females and the style they are playing, is pretty unique in my opinion. Its brutal, yet melodic, and the music is also well-played and has a good production. The music is groovy and overall Metal, but the band did also an acoustic ballad made by their songwriter, which can be listened on their YouTube-channel. A pretty energetic and skilled band with the right dose of enthusiasm and passion involved.



The band released this 4 track EP in a nice digipack format and I received the whole package incl. a nice sticker, patch and photocard, thanks to guitarist Merel Beugelaar. I hope these youngsters will make it, this because they deserve the attention. Into the Pit!


-Patchman Marco-

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