Published on 10 December 2021 at 15:45


First Contact

Temple Of Mystery Records: 2021



A brand-new Canadian Heavy Metal outfit from beyond, featuring members of very fine vintage bands such as: Blackrat and Traveller. First Contact” fuzes classic Manilla Road with 80s Priest and 90s Voivod. Epic, Doom, classical Heavy Metal in a strange and atmospheric unique way. I like them very much and I think they have some real potential to grow. This because they are different, but still old school to the bone! Including the great Fieldz the Sunshrine (Sacred Blade cover). This band was a really great underrated but sadly enough forgotten classic Progressive Heavy Metal band coming out of Vancouver BC Canada in the 1980’s


First Contact MLP (coming out January 4th, 2022)


-Patchman Marco-

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