Published on 29 November 2021 at 13:30


Illusion Of Control

Headbangers Records / Big Bad Wolf Records, 01-09-2021



O.L.T.A.S are a Doom-/Death Metal band from The Netherlands. There´s not much to say about them yet. I don´t know the musicians from other bands, and this EP is their first release to date. I don´t even know what the meaning of the band name is. It´s not explained anywhere. But I know that this is really dark and heavy. There are slow, dark lava riffs, simple melodies and even nice violins included here which reminded me of Orphanage and My Dying Bride first. But O.L.T.A.S are much darker and heavier, more in the vein of bands like Valborg, Ahab, Babylon Asleep and maybe Triptykon. But all in all, O.L.T.A.S still have a very unique sound, hardly to compare to other bands. The powerful production fits perfectly to the heaviness of their music too. A nice, fitting soundtrack in this Autumn season! 


-Daniel Müller-



1                     The Sound Of Gonesh (Intro)   1:44

2                     Embrace        6:06

3                     Underground Territory        4:35

4                     Six Million Voices   4:16

5                     Inside Of Me   3:59

6                     Horizon In Blood      3:09

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