de bijwerking

Published on 29 November 2021 at 13:05

De Bijwerking

Doorgaan Voor 30

Headbangers Records / Big Bad Wolf Records: 21-10-2021


The Dutch power trio De Bijwerking from Amsterdam has just released their Third release. This time an EP. They play cool party Punk ´n´ Roll with a lot of energy. The music is simple and direct and perfect for the stage. While listening to this, I want to drink a beer and dance to it in the crowd. Nowadays there are many bands sounding like this. A main difference is the lyrics here that are held in Dutch. If you want to learn Dutch, you can read the lyrics printed in the booklet, haha! The CD is unfortunately pretty short, but the music works fine and the clean, powerful production is good as well. So if you want to party hard, but also headbang with it, this CD makes absolutely sense!


-Daniel Müller-



1                     Geen Fiducie In       3:22

2                     Ik Wil Graag Alles Wat Ik Wil        4:04

3                     Doorgaan Voor 30   3:48

4                     Kudde Kuddedieren              3:41

5                     Kan Mijzelf Niet Voor De Gek Houden   4:33

6                     Ik Begrijp Er Niks Meer Van          3:39


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