an unction in braille

Published on 25 October 2021 at 10:06

An Unction In Braille

The Wordless Whisper

Rambado Recordings: 2021


An Unction In Braille hails from Massachussets and was founded in 2014, but the line-up wasn't complete until 2016. They play deathcore, and they do that well. This is hard, fast, modern with some melody when allowed but brutal most of the time. The voices are exactly what fits.


This debut is just a five piece EP, and judging but what I have been listening to they have potential. Only drawback is that a lot of bands that make good music. It's just a case of being noted. Well, I've definitely noticed, and I like what I hear. Now you need to find out if this kind of deathcore is your forté.


The album is available through as CD or Download.


MetalWim van Grunsven

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