Published on 27 September 2021 at 09:43


Rise To The Light

Pure Steel Records: 2021


Brand-new full length studio attack of German/US Metal band Sceptor. Active since the year 2009, all including the sympathetic American top-notch vocalist Bob Mitchel (ex-Attacker, Savior from Anger, Sleepy Hollow and more). This new album blows me away!

Great instrumentation including good song structures and great vocal parts by Bob Mitchel himself. The man who’s a great entertainer. Also the production sound really suits. This because it’s heavy powerful, old school but still fresh and up to date. US Epic Power Metal at it’s finest. I really like it and I highly recommend you to watch also the interview we did with Torsten ( guitars) and Bob (vocals) for our YouTube Chanel, For The Passion Not The Fashion. Like, share, subscribe now! Metal is a passion not a fashion!


The album is out now on compact-disc and includes 2 Bonustracks!


-Patchman Marco-

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Torsten Lang
a year ago

you nailed it!