Published on 13 September 2021 at 09:32


Illusion Of Control

Headbangers Records & Big Bad Wolf Releases: 2021



O.L.T.A.S another HBR/BBW release, this band comes from Friesland in the Netherlands and it’s their firsts release. Release looks good, but personally I prefer a booklet or inlay with lyrics to go with an release now a days..

But that said it’s the music that counts…


And there you cant go wrong with this band, very nice rhythmic oldschool doom / death metal. I really like the atmosphere these guys are creating, that filthy guitar sound accomplished with the orchestic sounds and low death grunt… very nice you guys..


This one makes me proud I am from NL also!!



-Appie Thrasher -


Track Listing:


  1. The Sound Of Gonesh (Intro) 01:44
  2. Embrace 06:06
  3. Underground Territory 04:35
  4. Six Million Voices 04:16
  5. Inside Of Me 03:59
  6. Horizon In Blood 03:09


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