Denial of Death

Published on 30 August 2021 at 09:38

Denial Of Death

Unholy Trinity (EP)

King Metal Records: 2021


Denial Of Death from Germany, formed by Glauber Ataide, original from the city in Brazil that gave us also Sepultura and Sarcofago back in the 80’s, so you know the roots are good, and now living in Germany.


The EP starts with the intro, and than kicks of really great, this one grabs you by the balls instantly! Really good songs that are written with a nice rhythm and are never boring to me, with nice tempo changes. To make the atmosphere complete the female vocals are kicking in to make things complete, and forge this one into a black / death metal experience you can’t deny!!


-Appie Thrasher -


Track Listing:


  1. Pavor Nocturnus (Intro) 01:03  
  2. Spiritual Oppression 03:28
  3. Tempus Fugit 03:15
  4. Unholy Trinity 03:43
  5. The Day of Revenge 04:02


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