sacred oath

Published on 16 August 2021 at 11:42

Sacred Oath

Return of the Dragon

Wormholedeath worldwide: 2021


This is the first single from the new Sacred Oath album "Return Of The Dragon" coming April 2, 2021 on Angel Thorne Music/SRGILS/Caroline/UMG. And like I expected, these Connecticut Power/Thrash Metal legends were started way back in the year 1984 and released a big-list of demos, live, compilation and studio-albums and this is their 9th studio-album and it’s full of 10 new songs. Great melodic, yet thrashing songs with a progressive touch. Great album with very skilled-yet technical musicianship, powerful vocals and a heavy strong production. Dig it and can’t wait for the official release date.


For US Metal freaks like myself a must have!


-Patchman Marco-

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