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Born Free (EP)

King Metal Records: 2021


CroMagnun in their own words: Born of the frosty bowels of Montreal, Quebec, Canada comes CroMagnum, heavy metal from a simpler time. Brutal and unforgiving. Thoughtful and visionary. A forced juxtaposition that leads to an intense listening experience.


So let’s give this one spin…

After the intro, it kicks off and I mean, really kick off that is. TBH its my first time I hear them. And I like what I hear. Catchy riffing nice up tempo songs and what I like the most, songs that stay in your head,  you think I want more of this, so hitting play again… Especially the song Congregation stays in your head (at least in mine)

Again in their own word: CroMagnum is recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Judas Priest. But I think if you like bands like old Overkill, old Metal Church and even old Slayer you also will NOT be disappointed!!!

Can’t wait to see these guys life on stage, hopefully very soon here in Europe.


-Appie Thrasher -


Track Listing:


  1. End Your Slavery (intro) 00:53
  2. Born Free 04:14
  3. Waterval Boven 03:41
  4. Tunguska 02:31
  5. Congregation 05:26



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