Dark omen

Published on 9 June 2021 at 11:22

Dark Omen

The End Of Rage (EP)

(2021, Headbangers Records / Big Bad Wolf Records)



There are several bands with the name Dark Omen, but this is the band from The Netherlands. Two members were founding members of Powervice, but their names are not mentioned here. This digipack-CD is their first release to date. It contains four tracks combining different Heavy- and Thrash Metal influences. The opener “Frozen Star” sounds like a midtempo Judas Priest track. “Nebuchadnezzar“ is more kept in the Bay Area Thrash vein combining groovy riffs and cool backing shouts. The title “Interstellar Godz“ seems to be an Agent Steel homage, but the track sounds different. The title track “The End Of Rage“ at the end is kept in a simple, but effective Celtic Frost-/Hellhammer style. Here also the vocals are more aggressive, reminding me on good old Tom G. Warrior himself. But despite those many different influences, Dark Omen have an own style. The powerful production and the Ed Repka-styled artwork kick ass as well. A complete album would be great!


-Daniel Müller-

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