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Final Decree

Published on 25 March 2021 at 09:20

Final Decree

Dark Before The Dawn (EP)

(2021, Headbangers Records / Big Bad Wolf Records)


What will happen when musicians (and ex-musicians) of bands like Ruthless, Hirax, Heretic, Deliverance, Viking, Steel Vengeance, Vengeance Rising and Primal come together to found a new band? Yes, indeed: really great old school US Power-/Thrash Metal! They were already founded in 2016, but these two songs included on this 7“ single are their very first songs to be heard. And they kick ass supreme! Cool riffs, wild solos, pounding drums and a the powerful and melodic voice by Ruthless singer Sammy DeJohn who is also able to do some high-pitched vocals, give us great timeless music, a perfect mix between Power- and Thrash Metal, the American way, that fits on stages of underground Metal festivals like Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air. I don´t know if both songs will also be included on a first full-length album in the future. 7” singles don´t make too much sense anymore nowadays in my opinion… So if you want to pay 10 € without postage for a single which does not even reach the 10-minutes-border, you have to decide on your own. But this 7” with its great artwork (a Roman legionnaire fighting against a whote ork) is a nice collectors´ item anyway. Cult!

-Daniel Müller-

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