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Armoured Knight

Published on 5 January 2021 at 13:55

Armoured Knight

The Sacred Flame

Dying Victims Productions: 2020

Bandcamp: https://armouredknight.bandcamp.com/


Armoured Knight was formed in 2009 in Santiago, Chile and is playing Epic Heavy “Fucking” Metal. The music is melodic and well played with great guitar harmonies and the clean and sometimes high vocals sounds like they are female-fronted but they are done by a guy called  José Tapia, who plays also the guitar in the band. If you like your type of Metal old school with some nice epic tales in it, this might be something for you! I own the tape version but there is also a CD output!


MCD edition comes with sticker.

MC edition with sticker, download code and button.



-Patchman Marco-

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