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Published on 17 September 2020 at 09:48


Perturbación (2019)

Unholy Fire Records: 2019



Ugh, this 5 track EP is the 2nd release by these Exotic Black Thrash fourpiece commando. The band comes from Chili and is highly influenced by the gods of the South American Underground scene of the mid eighties. Think about early Sepultura: Sarcofago and overall the all-mighty Vulcano, but also younger bands like the Norwegian nutcases of Deathhammer are clearly in the same line and spirit. Unholy devil music from the depths of the South American hell. The music is loud, raw and total chaotic, its like blasphemy on ‘fvkking’ earth, total destruction. When you hear those screaming guitars , the pissed off vocal-lines, the thundering bass and drums, you know this is the purest definition of fucking Metal. No bullshit, this is the anti-poser patrol UGHHHH!!!


-Patchman Marco-

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