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Published on 10 September 2020 at 10:11



Dying Victims Productions: 2020



Schizophrenia is an old-school Death/Thrash Metal band from Belgium. Formed in the year 2016, they arised from the ashes of the very young Thrash band Hammerhead. The band I promoted since day fucking one. Nevertheless after first Lennert Theys (guitars) left and later also, Vincent Verstrepen, now drums Carnation), passed ways. Ricky Mandozzi (bass/vocals) and Romeo Promos Promopoulos created a complete new much more high energy band. A band that was harder, faster and much more aggressive. Straight into your face and catchy ass fuck, this EP is definitely one of the strongest outputs in the current underground scene. For Metal fans into bands like: Sadus, Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer and the 80’s records of the almighty Sepultura. Fucking love it!


-Self-released on CD/LP and some cassette release by the cult label Dying Victims Productions from Germany, this tape includes a free sticker and Button-


-Patchman Marco-

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