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Headbangers Zine Issue # 7


Demo Tape Feedback Fuckers

214 Pages Hard & Heavy

Voivod drummer 'Away' made a special tribute to Headbangerszine (NL).

As you know Voivod is a legendary Thrash Metal band from Canada.

Unique demos from the 80's /90's

never before released 

Headbangers Records & Metal Command Present Tempter

Limited edition

Feedback Fuckers (First Demo Tape from this Antisocial German Metal Punks).

Limited to only 100 copies

New release






New release:

Rot Remains tape

Old School Death Metal from Brazil.
In the vein of Repulsion, Grave and Sepultura.
Fueled By Apocalyptic D-beats And Agressive Growls Out Soon on Limited tape, 100 copies.


Track List :
1- Fire on Babylon
2- Burning Bodies
3- Holy Bloodbath
4- Evisceration of the Mind
5- Social Suicide
6- Holodomor
7- Obscure Flag



Memorial issue

Zine issue #6 is dedicated to Tilburg Metal Mayor d'n Ad aka Fozzy, who passed away. Frank Stevens wrote a special article in memory of this remarkable Scene person. In this issue again a lot of dirty talking interviews and reviews and - as always - a lot of interesting pictures.

Limited edition

Young Thrash Metal blood from the German Ruhrpott.

For fans Sodom, Kreator and Tankard.

Limited to 130 Copies only.