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Headbangers Zine Issue # 7

Demo CD Resistor -Insane

Demo Tape Feedback Fuckers

214 Pages Hard & Heavy

Voivod drummer 'Away' made a special tribute to Headbangerszine (NL).

As you know Voivod is a legendary Thrash Metal band from Canada.

Limited edition

Young Thrash Metal blood from the German Ruhrpott.

For fans Sodom, Kreator and Tankard.

Limited to 130 Copies only.

Limited edition

Feedback Fuckers (First Demo Tape from this Antisocial German Metal Punks).

Limited to only 100 copies

New release






New release:

Rot Remains tape

Old School Death Metal from Brazil.
In the vein of Repulsion, Grave and Sepultura.
Fueled By Apocalyptic D-beats And Agressive Growls Out Soon on Limited tape, 100 copies.


Track List :
1- Fire on Babylon
2- Burning Bodies
3- Holy Bloodbath
4- Evisceration of the Mind
5- Social Suicide
6- Holodomor
7- Obscure Flag



Memorial issue

Zine issue #6 is dedicated to Tilburg Metal Mayor d'n Ad aka Fozzy, who passed away. Frank Stevens wrote a special article in memory of this remarkable Scene person. In this issue again a lot of dirty talking interviews and reviews and - as always - a lot of interesting pictures.